Geoffrey Stapleton


Of all the reviews that I've ever received
All the glowing critiques and the glory,
The one I remember verbatim was by
A guy who hated my story.



The Ideas Man - "Sex and Death"



Early Warning


I'm not easily provoked

But let me say in warning

Though afternoons and nights are fine

Avoid me in the morning



On Reflection


The mirror lies

I'm sure of that

I've never been anywhere

near that fat.





The Drum Lesson





I know it's nothing more than harmless nonsense

As any self respecting cynic knows

It's hocus pocus voodoo mumbo jumbo,

I mean of course apart from Scorpios.



Battery Chickens


What goes on in the chicken's head

As it's laying its eggs and being force fed

I know that it doesn't have much of a brain

But the one that it has got, must be insane.




The Ideas Man - "Truth"






The fatuous woman says to her friend

as the restaurant comes in sight,

"I can't see how half the world's starving my dear,

This place is packed every night!"




To you I'm a very important chap

As you are to the chap below you

So he'll end up doing the difficult jobs

The chap above me didn't do.



Nugget and Zoid Zoid




The Toothless Tiger

The toothless tiger

rears its head

as if to roar

but yawns instead.




To share in that innocence just for a while

I asked what was making the little girl smile

The three year old said, in an off handed way.

"The guy in the bear suit's apparently gay!"




Playing In A Surf Band





I got the cake and then the cream

So how ungrateful I must seem

But I won't rest until I've got

The goddamned cherry that goes on top




The Wisdom Of Parry Cocopez

(Illustrated and animated by Geoffrey Stapleton - Voiced by Hunuman)













































































The Beginning Of The End


Enough's enough

What's done is done

And all in all

The end's begun