Big In Brazil

I couldn't believe it at first.
GANGgajang were big in Brazil!
Brazil?...Of all places!
Where the hell is Brazil?

I just couldn't believe GANGgajang could be popular in Brazil.
Certainly not popular enough to mount a national tour over three weeks taking in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Allegre, Florianopolis… Recife.
I didn't even believe it when I saw the semi-trailers, or the army of security guards, or the apartments on Copacobana beach, or the huge venues.

It wasn't until I saw five thousand Cariocas (locals from Rio) singing, 'They've got ambulance men in the main street' at The Metropolitan in Rio that I was finally convinced … I was dreaming.
I would soon wake up and have to be at the "Cat and Fiddle" hotel in Balmain by ten o'clock to play for a handful of disinterested drinkers....and their three legged dog.