"Halfway 'Round the World"

In Absent Friends we shared rooms and broke up shortly after. (Pope's Law again.)
For most of the duration, my roommate was the talented drummer/songwriter John Mackay. He was also known as Johnny Mackay, 'Mackers Makay', or simply Mackers .
We managed get along pretty well, but not with out the odd… well… hiccup.

In Copenhagen we stayed at 'The Weber Hotel' near the Tivoli Gardens. Very establishment.
The night before had been a big one and the morning check out was an early one.
Everybody was feeling ragged at breakfast, but none so ragged as John.

The hotel mini bar had been consumed long after I'd gone to sleep.
Mini bar alcohol in 5 star hotels is the most expensive alcohol in the world.
Sharing the room, we are both liable for the bill on checkout.

John lurched into the hotel dining room, oblivious to its olde world charm and collapsed at a table. When I thought he'd had long enough to acclimatize, I tentatively inquired as to whether or not all the loose ends had been tied up regarding the mini bar tab. No response. I asked him more directly if he'd paid the mini bar bill.

Exasperated and fed up with my pettiness, he was on his feet throwing his arms in the air proclaiming the immortal words, "I didn't come halfway 'round the world to be worrying about bloody mini bars!"

You see. It was now only a matter of time before 'Pope's Law' would kick in