Could Luck 'Run Out'


In 1990 I was living in a flat on Campbell Parade at Bondi Beach. I was thinking about luck.
Could luck 'run out'? Had mine?
The phone hadn't rung for quite sometime. Had people finally woken up to the fact that my career in art and music was a sham? More than likely that is what had happened. So what next.

The phone rang. It was Sean Kelly. (Sean founded the successful Australian band, The Models.) I had only met him a few times before and it had been awkward on each occasion. The first time I'd met his then partner, Wendy Matthews, it was an unmitigated disaster (thanks to Peter Blakely, but that's another story). What could he possibly want?

Wendy was (and is) the queen of style and Sean…timelessly hip.
Their high-profile band 'Absent Friends' was doing business with the chart-topping single, 'Nobody But You'.
What could he possibly want with me? Did I owe him money? No.

He explained that their sax player, James Valentine, had devolved back into a television host. They needed another player, most probably a keyboard player to take his place…and would I be interested.

Uncharacteristically, I decided to level with him. I said, "Sean, you know… I can't really play", and to his undying credit he mumbled, "yea, sure, whatever..."
Sean turned out to be one of the good guys.
My luck was holding out. My career was back on track