Yes, Prime Minister

In 1986 when Bob Hawke was the Prime Minister of Australia, he invited GANGgajang to his official Sydney residence, Kirribilli House, for drinks.

We had performed at a recent "Priority One" concert (a youth employment initiative) and it was his way of saying thanks.

Unexpectedly, we weren't frisked and thoroughly vetted at the gates as we entered. In fact it was all very casual like the man himself and we mingled freely.

We were served chilled wine, beer and finger food with a peanut sauce under the verandah over looking the most beautiful harbour on earth.

Rob James and I were shown some of the priceless pieces of art by the 'first lady', the warm and extremely likeable Hazel. It was all so relaxed.

Eventually we found ourselves face to face with The Right Honorable R.J Hawke.

We introduced ourselves.

Now two of Rob's most endearing qualities are his rather obtuse sense of humour and his ability to roll with the occasional non-plussed or even negative reactions it can solicit.

Case in point.

Here was a rare opportunity to converse with the leader of the nation, one on one, and maybe ask him a pertinent well considered question or two.

And what did Rob ask?



Kay, Rob, Geoffrey, The" First Lady" Mrs. Hazel Hawke, Prime Minister of Australia The Right Honerable Mr. R.J "Bob" Hawke, Buzz, Chris and Cal.

Well, as the conversation had turned to sport Rob asked Mr. Hawke (enthusiastically), "Have you ever played golf with… "Golf" Whitlam?" (Gough Whitlam had been Australia's Prime Minister from 1972-75)


The Prime Minister fixed Rob with that 'ol eagle-hawk eye of his for a split second as he assessed the situation.

He was arguably the greatest assessor of situations, social and political, that our country has ever known.
What was to be gained from responding to something like that?

Nothing. You could only lose. He wasn't going there.
With out giving a thing away, he made the wise decision to pretend like it was never said, like it had never happened.

He turned to me and said,
"Do you enjoy the cricket?"
 and even though I don't, I said,
"Yes Prime Minister."