GReF is an Australian instrumental duo.

GReG WEBSTER (right) - Lead Guitar

GeOFF STAPLETON (left) - Other Stuff

GReG and GeOFF met at high school in 1970 and went on to travel many musical paths together (not to say with out the odd pot-hole on the way!)

With bands which included "OVA", "Gold", "The Aliens", and "The Invisible Men" they explored many and varied styles and genres.

During the eighties, they both had rooms at the legendary " Kings Lane Studios" in Darlinghurst, Sydney, a hot bed of creativty.

With GReF, their partnership is realising the potential of some of their strongest assets.

On the one hand, inspired, live, improvised performance featuring GReG's amazing virtuosity on the guitar and on the other, GeOFF's attention to audio and visual arrangement.

Although an insrtumental project at this point, GReF are nothing if not open to this space.






"Sete Transicoes" (Seven Transitions) was shot live
at the "Blue Cat Studio" on 2nd February 2010.



GReF Audio

When GReG and GeOFF were teenagers they would sit back to back with a nylon string guitar and a set of bongos and improvise for hours. This arrangement of "Dont Let The Fun Stop" attempts to recreate a little of that magic.


The first time you heard a John Mclaughlin solo it felt like parameters were being pushed. Here GReG does a little parameter pushing of his own. He was reading a bigraphy of Django Reinhardt when this was recorded.






"The Timeless Zone" was shot mainly live
at the "Blue Cat Studio" on 1st February 2008.







"Last Train To GReFsville" was shot mainly live
at the "Blue Cat Studio" on 26th November 2007.