Cathy GRAY

Adelaide based artist, Cathy Gray, has been drawing since school, but it was much later that it become her passion. She explains, " When you have children and you work, your life becomes really busy and rushed. One day I got out my pens and remembered what peace and sanctity drawing gave me. I have always felt the most relaxed when I have a pen/pencil in my hand. As time went on my art became more and more complex and structured with any one piece taking up to 170 hours."
Cathy's work is all hand drawn in archival ink. Her work has a radial balance with all elements radiating out from a center point in a circular fashion. All elements lead your eye towards the center.
Cathy has been exhibiting her work since 2011and regularly holds solo and group exhibitions. As well as her ink work she has also been commissioned to design wine labels, tattoos and logos.




hand drawn ink mandala limited edition canvas print approx (23" x40")