Dell Plummer

Dell Plummer’s work explores the edges of style.
Art has always been an integral part of Dell’s life. She attended the SA Art School and later studied Art Theory at both Flinders and the University of South Australia. Dell has taught art at every level from reception through to university while working as a lecturer, teacher or restorer, her own artwork has always been ongoing.
Her work taps into her subconscious, quirky and surreal. Its levels unfold over time – with its subtle geometry, intrigue and hidden places – the meaning if often different for different people, as people’s life experiences can determine how art is seen.
Dell uses colour – or an absence of colour – to evoke mood and emotion by creating a sense of imaginary places and alternative realities. There is complexity within apparent simplicity, and she portrays sometimes optimistic, sometimes sad, dark poetic meanings. Her rubber jewellery, black, edgy affirms the sexiness of life.
These are works that become richer and richer with familiarity.




acrylic on canvas - approx (20" x28")





acrylic on canvas - 60cm x 76cm (24" x30")






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