Born (19/01/1975), artist Nicole Dewley (Nix) was raised in Amsterdam where she started painting as a child.

Nix migrated to Australia in 2000 and her work became quite impressionistic, depicting emotion.

She states, "Being able to create is my saviour … no matter what, I can always find solace and peace there. When I create it is almost meditative, my mind goes still and I enter a world were I am free."

Nix describes her work as, "a mixture between fauvism, pop art and whatever I feel like," Her work can use rhetorical suggestion to provide commentary on social issues as well as emotion and feeling.

Henri Matisse is one of her favourite artists and she considers his work to have influenced her greatly.

Her work is featured in private collections in Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Adelaide and the Gold Coast. She considers the 2012 sale of “J’taime” to Cathy Cavaleri from the Port Mall Shopping Centre Arts and Events initiative by The Stapleton Gallery as a highlight in her career.

Nix currently teaches children with disabilities and often uses art as a facilitative tool in communication, learning and motivation.




mixed media on canvas