Geoffrey Stapleton


One of the interesting things about working on a "series" of paintings over a long period of time is that you are really painting just one big picture, albeit in many parts. Random objects are repeated and become motifs, motifs are used again and become somehow significant until after a decade or so you find yourself with a bit of a unique vocabulary going on ...even if you're the only one who can understand it! But I can honestly say ( putting into words what couldn't be put into words in the first place so you painted it not withstanding) I never went looking for it. The feather became whatever it is..."hope" perhaps or the ability of the spirit to soar and the frangipani petal became well, a drop of love I suppose ... but the point is, they weren't "devised", they were yielded up over time... I don't know why that matters.

acrylic on canvas - 7.9" x 9.8" / 20cm x 25cm