Geoffrey Stapleton



The first public art that affected me was undoubtedly the great avenging angel at the war memorial in North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia. We would go to see the floats in the John Martins Xmas Pageant and leave feeling warm and fuzzy then turn around to walk back to the busstop only to come face to face, (or face to toe) with this massive, marble, deco, naked but for sword and wreath, avenging angel. It was the wings that used to get me. These great enormous wings of doom. Awesome, both in the old fashioned sense of the word and in the modern vernacular. I rarely paint an angel without (at least subconciously) thinking of Mr Rayner Hoff's "Spirit Of Duty" angel.

acrylic on canvas

39.4" x 29.5" 100cm x 75cm