The Poems

By Geoffrey Stapleton





Let's be optimistic

If the planet were destroyed

We'd be gone but so would all

The people we avoid


© G. Stapleton.



The Practicing Christian


Allthough he says he's a practicing christian,

He'll lie and he'll cheat and he'll fight

So I see what he means by the practicing part

'cause he still hasn't got it right !


© G. Stapleton.



Man Eats Shark


"Shark Eats Man!"

Is the headline, where as later...

Man eats shark

From the very same newspaper


© G. Stapleton.



Doing it your way


Hands on your hips

And framed by the doorway

Something tells me

We're doing it your way 



© G. Stapleton.



Back On Top


"I'm thinking of making a comeback

so what do you think about that !",

Said the man we remembered from TV,

when he wasn't so bald and so fat.


"It could be the world isn't ready

or maybe I've left it too late

but I'll find a believable toupee

and I will lose a little more weight !"


His friends didn't voice their misgivings,

it would've been pointless you see,

for he'd set about reconsrtucting

the man that he used to be.


He called on a few former colleagues

but those who remember his name

were far from enthusiastic

their excuses consistently lame.


It's not like it was unexpected,

he knew how the game could be played

and he wasn't about to abandon

The promising plans he had made.


He put all his time into research

and brushing up on his technique

for that much he knew was essential

to getting him back on his feet.


Some how it all came together

experience, instinct and feel

and he found that hole in the market

and a lucrative sponsorship deal.


Former associates stand in line

and the phone never seems to stop,

but he does have trouble remembering names

now that he's... back on top.


© G. Stapleton.





The Beginning Of The End


Enough's enough

What's done is done

And all in all

The end's begun


© G. Stapleton.



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